Preventive Measures

Preventive dentistry deals with the prevention of dental disease. During the initial oral examination, you’ll receive a customized prevention plan based on a thorough evaluation of your oral cavity. This is a dynamic plan that is revised during subsequent periodic examinations.

Our most common preventative procedures are:


Individualized oral hygiene instruction – to help the patient learn how to take care of his or her own mouth (brushing, flossing, nutrition and health).


Athletic mouthguards – to help prevent sports injuries to the teeth.


Fluoride treatments –  to strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent decay.


Sealants  to protect cavity prone areas in children’s teeth.

Supportive Periodontal (Gum) Therapy

Periodontal therapy is that branch of dentistry concerned with the care and treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth. By this we mean the gingival (gum) tissues and the bone surrounding the teeth. Our office uses a collaborative approach in providing periodontal care involving the dentist, dental hygienist and patient.


Our most common periodontal procedures are:


Prophylaxis – cleaning to remove plaque, stain, and calculus (tartar) from the coronal portions of the teeth.


Scaling and Root Planing – hygiene therapy to remove plaque, stain and calculus (tartar) from tooth surfaces that are below the gumline and to smooth the root surfaces to promote health and healing.


Site-Specific Antibiotic Therapy – to treat isolated periodontal infections at their source.

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Oral Infection Management

Many infections can develop within the oral cavity, and, if untreated can spread, leading to swelling, bleeding, pain, bone loss and even hospitalization or death. Our oral health team has a lightning-quick response to the first signs of infection, whether stemming from tooth decay, abscessed teeth, viral and fungal infections, bone infections or others. Treatment may include prescribed antibiotics, root canal, surgical drainage or tooth extraction.