Tooth Extractions

(including wisdom teeth)

Dentistry that helps you preserve every one of your remarkable teeth is always our goal, but there may be conditions requiring an extraction. Wisdom teeth can become decayed, impacted, or can overly crowd other teeth. An injury or abscess can mean irreparable damage to a tooth. If an extraction is necessary, there’s no cause for anxiety. We’ll send you to one of our preferred oral surgeons to expertly handle all details of the procedure and follow-up.

wisdom teeth extractions

Conscious Sedation Anesthesia

To relieve any anxiety or fear of pain you have about your dentist appointment, we offer you the option of sedation so you can be completely relaxed and at ease during your visit. Although you’re conscious during treatment, you are largely unaware of what is happening and may not remember the procedure at all! We constantly monitor your vital signs to assure your safety. You’ll recover quickly and be able to assume normal activities shortly after your visit.

dentists that do bone grafting procedures

Bone Grafting

Have you lost teeth? One of the worst effects of missing teeth is bone loss to the jaw. Because bone growth is stimulated naturally by chewing action, when you lose a tooth, that growth no longer happens. In fact, you can lose as much as one fourth of bone width in the first year after losing a tooth. The good news is that bone grafts can provide the basis for new bone growth to occur, allowing you to have the support for strong, lasting tooth implants. For the bone graft, we’ll refer you to a trusted oral surgeon whose expertise will ensure the best possible care.

At Duckworth Dental, we are dedicated to providing you with excellent care!